Shot by Nick McKinlay

Shot by Nick McKinlay

About Ro

I LOVE filming weddings! I also love Jesus, my wife, our son, photography, surfing, treehouses, Udon noodles... blah blah blah! 

Apart from being a beautiful and immersive visual medium, film allows me to show a couple the beauty of what I see in them. Filming for me is watching, waiting, anticipating moments of beauty or significance or fun that can be edited together to help people re-feel, remember and reminisce, or see something entirely new about their wedding day.

I'm hugely passionate about marriage, and every marriage starts with some kind of party and some kind of promise- and that party and promise doesn't stop at the honeymoon, it goes on and on!

If ever you need to remember that party and those promises you made, you can check back on the film I'll make for you!